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Started in 2017 by the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students' Board of Directors, the ACES Cup is presented to the University that has accumulated the most points at the annual Atlantic Engineering Competition. The trophy is awarded to the winning institution at the closing AEC banquet and is kept in trust by that university until the start of the following AEC, where it is returned to an attending ACES BoD member before it is presented again. Sponsored by the ACES BoD and held by undergraduate societies, the tradition of the cup will hopefully grow for decades to come.

Goals of the Cup

- Encourage schools to send the maximum amount of competitors.
- Create a competitive history between universities.
- Elevate the presence of the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students at the AEC.
- Adopt a symbol of competitive Engineering in Atlantic Canada.

Scoring Scheme

30 points for a first place finish in a category.
20 points for a second place finish in a category.
10 points for a third place finish in a category.

Teams are capable of scoring more than once in each category. 

After adding the scores together, the team with the highest accumulated value is declared the winner.

Ties for first place are decided between the accumulated points gained by 2 events; Senior Design and Consulting as those have been featured at the International Engineering Competition.

Ties after that first step are then decided by how many times a school appears in the top 3 of each category. Whichever team places in the top 3 most of the tied teams, is deemed the winner.

Past Winners

Winner: University of New Brunswick (100pts)
Runner-up: Dalhousie University (90pts)

Winner: University of New Brunswick (140pts)
Runner- up: Universite de Moncton (90pts)

Winner: Memorial University of Newfoundland (150pts)
Runner-up: University of New Brunswick (80pts)

Winner:University of New Brunswick (210pts)
Runner-up: Dalhousie University (90pts)

Winner: Dalhousie University (150pts)
Runner-up University of New Brunswick (110pts)